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Envisioning the Human Rights of Women
in the Age of Biotechnology and Science
[International Forum]
20~21, September, 2006
Seoul, Korea
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International Forum
    Final Report

Activities for women's health

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1) Develop agendas on women's health in a gender sensitive perspective

2) Promote participation in society and raise awareness of women's health

3) Find appropriate ways to ensure women's health rights
- Develop agendas on women's health which are needed in Korea since the policies of women's health are focused on family planning and MCH (mother and child health), and Korea has many problems such as high rate of induced abortion, high rate of uterus extract, high rate of plastic surgery, and low rate of breast feeding.
- Implement education on improvement of women's health, practice monitoring and discussion of agendas on infringement of women's health rights, construct networks of specialists to develop agendas on women's health, activities in the policies related to women's health in a gender sensitive perspective.
- Find ways to expand systematic support and social interest in women's health

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