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Envisioning the Human Rights of Women
in the Age of Biotechnology and Science
[International Forum]
20~21, September, 2006
Seoul, Korea
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International Forum
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Activities for women's health

Korean Womenlink

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Purpose of Establishment
Main activities
The 2006 Korean WomenLink's major activities

Purpose of Establishment

Our aim is to promote gender equality and a participatory democratic society. We are striving to build a society where women's rights are respected, nature and human beings coexist harmoniously, women are no longer discriminated against due to their gender and can participate equally in all areas of society.


Our movement develops women's awareness and supports self-organization and solidarity in communities and workplaces. It is a cooperative women's movement.
- A world without domestic violence and sexual violence
- A society with an open family culture that accepts various family forms
- A society where women's self-determination is respected
- A society where women's labor rights and equal employment are protected
- Open media and media for the public media
- A society where women's health right is secured
- Co-operative community movement (Top)


1987 Sept. 12th Korean WomenLink was established to promote gender equality and a participatory democratic society by Lee Hyo Jae.
1994 Mar. 18th Korean WomenLink was approved as a nonprofit organization by the Minister of Health and Welfare
2001 Jan. 29th The registration was transferred to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.
Now Korean WomenLink has 11 local chapters and more than fifteen thousand members who actively participate in building a just and egalitarian society. (Top)

Main activities

* Women's labor
- Reform and develop women's labor policy and system
- Activities against gender discrimination at work
- Activities against gender discriminatory dismissals
- Activities against sexual harassment in the workplace
- Campaign for creating a gender equal workplace

* Family and sex
- Campaign for promoting an egalitarian sexual culture "I am the Owner of My Body"
- Supportive activities for sexual and domestic violence cases
- Activities to promote an open society with alternate forms of families
- The single mother support

* Counseling
- Counseling on sexual discrimination upon employment, sexual harassment,
verbal and physical violence in the workplace
- Counseling for victims and offenders of sexual violence
- Counseling on domestic violence, sexual problems and family problems
- Counseling provided through the Internet, telephone and face-to-face interviews

* Women's Health
- Activities for developing women's health issue based on gender equality.
- Activities related to women's health issue according to life cycle
- Monitoring biotechnology related to women's bodies
- Campaign for against lookism "I am the Owner My Body - No Diet, No Plastic Operation"
- Movement to create the birth delivery culture respecting women (movement to reduce caesarean birth deliveries)

* Media
- Monitoring media reports on general elections and presidential elections
- 'Green Media Award'presentation for beneficial programs for children and women
- Viewers Campaign <Reforming the worst program>

* Life Co-op
- Developing and practicing alternate lifestyles
- Persuading producers to produce and consumers to consume life-durable and
environmentally friendly commodities
- Movement to build local communities based on gender equality and show respect for life

* Local Policy
- Reforming local governments' policies on women and introducing gender sensitive budget
- The 2nd Women's suffrage movement (movement to launch women candidates in local assembly)
- Movement to ensure human rights and social rights for women in the community

Let Korean WomenLink make the year 2006 touched with feminism~
The 2006 Korean WomenLink's major activities :

Change sexist cultures / Eliminate the gender division of work
Secure women's health rights
Spread feminism and women's movement through public awareness education
Stabilization of Consumers Cooperative, Realization of Women Green Consumers Cooperative
Enhancement of prevention education campaigns against school sex violence with attention to that offenders' age is being lowered.
Proliferation of gender equality through active participation in Public Access

First, change sexist conceptions and cultures
The 'Making Saeng Saeng City' project or Making a City Lively with Gender Equality in Daily Life is to collect gendered colors, signs, words and charters that we can see at public institutions and others in everyday life, raise a question about them and propose alternatives for them.
Second, eliminate the gender division of work
There is a project for gender equality at work, childbirth and child raising. Through providing practical details on men's participation in child raising and house work and publicity to do away with gendered stereotypes, we intend to say that men's participation in child care labor is a key solution to the gender equality at work, childbirth, and child raising.
Third, secure women's heath rights.
A health project for female youths, 'Change Physical Education'. In spite of socially high interest in healthy life, in school education focused on college entrance examination, in particular, for girl students, their health is neglected because of the pressure on appearances and emphasis on beauty, male-centered programs of physical education, and so on. What is more, while the logic that the future and interest of Korea depend on biotechnology only was dominant, women's health rights were neglected. So, continuing to shape public opinion on women's health rights, a issue of human rights, we attempt to come to a social agreement.
Fourth, spread feminism and women's movement through public awareness education.
A variety of education projects are aimed at initiating feminist discourse and understanding the direction of women's movement. The education movement is being carried out to obtain support groups for women's movement and Korean WomenLink in various areas as well as discourse understanding. For example, there are the Feminist School, the Economy School for Women, Education to Raise Awareness of Lookism, Preventive Education against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Training for Sexual Violence Counselors, Education for Women and the Media, and Training for Women Labor Counselors.
Various activities of affiliated organizations
Korean WomenLink has the affiliated Consumers' Cooperative(KWLCC) and Sexual Violence Counseling Center. At the 2006 general meeting, Headquarters for Media Movement became an affiliated organization to engage in more specialized activities and conduct its intensive campaigns.
Affiliated Consumers' Cooperative
KWLCC aims to collect 1,580 members this year and sets sales goal at 7.8 billion won. KWLCC is an important medium of WomenLink's movement as well as its goal. Keep membership extension in mind! This year KWLCC strives to encourage members to participate and stabilize regional Consumers Cooperatives, and is doing its best to realize Women Green Consumers' Cooperative and outline the future vision of KWLCC.
Affiliated Sexual Violence Counseling Center (SVCC)
SVCC pays attention to that the age of sex offenders is becoming low and its chief action plan of 2006 is to lead a strong preventive campaign and education against sexual violence in school. Through the awareness campaign during the festivals of middle, high schools and colleges, SVCC intends to heighten sensitivity to sexual violence and launch an massive anti-sexual violence campaign. SVCC will work to systematize education for sexual offenders to be kept from committing a second offense and not to spread a distorted conception of sexual violence by monitering media coverage of adolescent sexual assault cases.
Affiliated Headquarters for Media Movement (HMM)
2006 is the year for HMM to take a first step as an affiliated organization. Actively participating in Public Access, HMM is eager to spread social awareness of gender equality. HMM formed the Film Production Division and the Team of Teachers Specialized in Media and is running them. HMM takes vigorous action to raise awareness of viewers' sovereignty and gender equality through Public Access whose main body becomes women.(Top)

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